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Frequently Asked Questions

What System should I install?

This is dependent on several things. First, you are governed by the amount of roof space you have with a favourable orientation. Second, assess how many kilowatts per day you are using by looking at your Electricity Bill. Third, take into account how much you would like to reduce your current electricity costs and you will be able to determine the best system that will suit your needs.

How much will my system make?

This depends on what state your home or business is located, as the tariff arrangements vary State by State. However, in the lowest tariff State (NSW) a return of 14% per annum on your investment is achievable. Where else can you invest your money and get that kind of return?

How long does it take to install?

A typical 1kW to 2kW system takes a day to install. Some of the larger systems can take an extra half a day to 2 days to fully install.

Can I monitor the output?

All the Inverters we supply and install have an output meter so you can check the performance of your system. If you would like to keep a closer eye on your production, we can install an interface that will allow you to login to the system from anywhere in the world to see how it is performing in real time.

What Warranty will I get?

We give a 5 year warranty on our installation and workmanship. The Inverters vary but are generally 5 years and the Panels have a performance guarantee of 80% for 25 years.


There are no moving parts in a Solar Power System. The only maintenance required will be to keep your panels as clean as you can to maintain maximum performance. Be very wary of any Companies offering a maintenance service or regular health checks for your system. Contrary to what they may try to make you believe, it is not necessary. Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you had your hot water system or air conditioning unit checked? And these types of devices are more prone to failure than a PV system. Sure, if a problem develops, get the system looked at. With our Inverters you are easily able to monitor what is going on above your own roof by occasionally checking the output meter.